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10 Killer Ideas for SEO-Friendly Content in 2021


It’s 2021 and SEO-friendly content is still King/Queen of the internet. While business is a little quiet in January, now is a great time to put some thought and effort into your content strategy. 

A crucial element to consider is ensuring the content you publish helps drive clients to your site – and business.

By being SEO-friendly!

To help you start on the right foot, we have created a list of 10 killer ideas for SEO-friendly content. This dedicated guide will help drive your strategy and clarify where to focus your efforts for 2021. 

So, strap yourself in as we take you on a journey of discovery and clarity around the various types of SEO-friendly content, and the benefits they can bring to your strategy.  

1. Blogs

An example of an SEO friendly content type - blog

The ‘go-to’ for anyone wanting to produce content, and definitely SEO-friendly, blogs are a tried and tested channel for content distribution, and improving your visibility within search engines. Why are they one of the most popular SEO-friendly pieces of content? 

Because they let you target a variety of keywords relevant to your industry, the topic you are discussing, in turn delivering better search results. 

Blogs also help increase brand awareness, while building your authority around the topic – and by extension – the industry you are in through informative and engaging storytelling.  Something Google loves when it comes to ranking content.

A well-written and informative blog is also a great way to reach audiences trying to avoid online advertising. To them, advertisements are an invasion of their privacy. A blog gives them information, insight, and – in some cases – entertainment – in exchange for their time. A trade they are happy to make. 

If you look at our blog page, you will see the kinds of topics we write on, and how they’re categorised for a greater user experience.  

2. Video

Clients working on developing their SEO friendly content - video

While many people believe SEO is all about keywords, Google’s recent updates have changed the game. With more of a focus on quality, Google no longer just searches a web page for words, it looks for diversity in media (videos and images), which boosts your search rankings.

Video has become one of the most popular forms of content across all channels. It enables brands to communicate complex information quickly, simply, and with greater impact. 

Its versatility is also its strength. Video can be repurposed for distribution across various platforms and channels. Turning a single two-minute video into four 30-second clips, or eight 15-second teasers, to be used anywhere. 

As video commands strong engagement rates – which increase ‘dwell time’ on your website – Google looks upon them favourably.

3. Articles

Copywriter developing SEO friendly content - Articles

The difference between articles and blogs within the world of SEO, is that blogs are considered on-page SEO (published to your own site), and articles off-page SEO (published on third-party websites). Knowing the difference will help you weigh the benefits of which you should use.  

One advantage to publishing an online article through third-party sites is to help improve your brand’s visibility. In most cases, the third-party site will promote your article through its various channels. Essentially giving you free marketing and promotion. 

A flow-on benefit is it helps establish your brand’s credibility through association. This can lead to increased website traffic from readers wanting to know more about your brand, expertise, and skills. 

Here is an article that Pounce’s CEO (Simran Kaur) published on the CRN website. 

4. Infographic

Infographic post, a popular form of SEO friendly content.

Infographics are one of the most eye-catching ways to display otherwise boring data. They also have a positive impact on your SEO efforts – in conjunction with proper optimisation. Embedding your infographic in a corresponding blog, and having the correct metadata, will ensure maximum impact on your SEO results.

What are some of the benefits of using an infographic when planning your content strategy? They’re a great way to visualise data. Sometimes words have an amazing ability to put people to sleep – it’s true. A stunningly designed infographic can turn ‘boring and bland data’, into exciting and engaging information that’s a pleasure to read, and easily retained.

Similar to a video, an infographic can showcase a tremendous amount of information, in an eye-catching visual. Also, audiences love to share well-designed and insightful infographics.

They’re also a great way to show your creative side, something many businesses are looking for in a partner these days.

Example: Year in Search Australia 2020

5. Lists (Listicles)

Copywriter developing Lists for SEO friendly content

Lists – more popularly known as Listicles – are still one of the most popular forms of content going around. They’re engaging and play to the attention spans of audiences by providing information in bite-sized pieces. What makes them SEO-friendly? They’re a perfect combination of words (keywords) and images. 

The benefits of a listicle is the audience knows exactly what they’re getting (“5 reasons you need product X” – “The 21 worst ways to clean a bathroom” – “10 reasons you shouldn’t invite your In-Laws to a birthday dinner.”), in an easy-to-read format. 

It’s worth taking the time to get a listicle right. Make sure the information is correct and relevant to your audience, and the design is quite stylish and on-brand. 

Aside from reading listicles, audiences love to share them with like-minded friends and colleagues, exposing your brand to a wider audience.  

While you will no doubt have realised, this blog is a listicle. Here is another we prepared earlier: Top 10 Tips for Optimising Landing Pages

6. Podcasts

Our clients developing their SEO friendly content in the form of Podcasts

Previously, podcasts – or any audio file for that matter – wasn’t deemed relevant for SEO, because search engines couldn’t scrawl them for keywords. However – in the past 12 months – podcasts have started to trickle into organic search results, after Google announced they would be indexing podcasts. 

Podcasts have fast become a way for businesses and brands to engage a whole new demographic; a target audience who prefer to listen to information from established authorities, as opposed to reading it through industry publications or newsfeeds. 

Podcasts engage audiences by providing a human touch to a brand or business, that can not always be conveyed through copy. Also, as an audible form of content consumption, podcasts capture the listener’s attention, because they do not try to interrupt you with clickable links and pop-up ads. 

Podcasts are definitely a medium worth considering as part of your content strategy for 2021. Below are some you should have a look at for inspiration:

Seth Godin

Gary Vaynerchuk



7. Webinars

Clients & Search engines love Webinars

Webinars have become one of the most utilised platforms in 2020. With many businesses unable to host conferences and events, the shift to the webinar format has been significant. Hosting a webinar is a great way to showcase your business, products, or brand, to a captured audience. 

How can having a webinar as part of your content strategy help your brand or business in 2021? 

Webinars are accessible to a wide audience. Technology within the video conferencing space has improved considerably in the past 12 months. This approach becomes easier, and more convenient for businesses and brands to harness. 

Conducting online webinars can help businesses and brands attract customers earlier in the buying cycle, and provide an opportunity to thoroughly address questions and concerns. 

Also, a webinar does not have to be a one-off event. The content and material can be repurposed to create a series of webinars that move customers along the sales funnel. They can also be recorded and released at a later date, or be broken down into smaller pieces of content for other campaigns. Most importantly, anyone can distribute them through various channels, helping grow brand awareness and your position as a thought leader.  

As a webinar is also in video format, Google will love the content it generates, and reward you through your ranking results.

Here is a video that showcases the benefits of conducting your webinars through ZOOM.

8. eBooks

Today’s eBook is a blend of copy, images and design all contained within a neat digital package. It’s easily accessible through your website, or a standalone landing page, and is ideal for gathering data. eBooks can provide extensive information on your business, products, or service to your intended audience. 

What makes an eBook a great piece of content? It can help you to collect lead data, establish you as a thought leader, help boost your SEO ranking by using targeted keywords. To some degree, this is the perfect way to present large quantities of information. 

Have a look at our SEO Handbook eBook as an example of how creative you can be when creating your own eBook. 

9. Case Studies

Our clients developing their content in the form of Case Studies

Case studies are one of the best ways to not only showcase your business, product, or service but to also show how you were able to solve a client’s problem.  A case study can also be sewn with keywords for greater optimisation to generate traffic. 

Aside from helping boost your SEO, a well-planned case study will help add credibility to your brand, demonstrate your problem-solving skills, and outline the ease of your problem+solution structure. You can also repurpose a case study for your various content channels. 

View our case study on G.S. Gill Sports and see how Pounce was able to help them with their marketing needs.

10. Whitepapers

Man reading something on the laptop in the form of Whitepapers

Whitepapers are used to persuade customers/audiences to your way of thinking or agree that a solution you are advocating is best suited for their problem. Generally seen as a sales and marketing tool, a whitepaper is designed to influence the decision-making process for the intended audience.

By utilising effective keywords around the topic of discussion, it can generate traffic to your site and expose your brand to a larger audience. 

Whitepapers are a great way to attract decision-makers and help set you apart from your competitors. Not only that, it can also have your audience share it with their connections, which assists with increasing awareness of your brand. You will also be able to easily repurpose a whitepaper for various content channels. 

Final thoughts

There you have it, 10 killer ideas for SEO-friendly content in 2021.

We trust that we’ve given you some thought-starters on various types of content you can implement in 2021.

If you need further help developing your content strategy for 2021, download our FREE Content Marketing Strategy Workbook or get in touch with us today. 

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