Our Story

Hi. Welcome to our world. We’re a full service agency based in Sydney, Australia. Delivering excellence globally in the fields of Strategy, Marketing, Creative, Tech & MarTech. Pounce was originally founded in 2017 by Simran Kaur, later joining forces with Rakz Mathur’s deep tech and digital transformation agency Signacion. It is the product of a vision to strategically survey the business landscape and - pounce - on opportunities as they arise.
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Our Team

Our people will change the way you do business. Their execution will change the way people do business with you. We bring deep and diverse expertise to the table with decades of lived experience under our belts. Through our actions, culture and vision, we’re proud to have built a team that’s reflective of the global markets we’re active in.

Between us we speak French, Italian, Turkish, German, Hindi, Punjabi, Malay, Bengali, Mandariin, Cantonese & English. We’re a force to be reckoned with - pinpointing the end goal of every project, and cleverly working the thread back to the very beginning of each creative journey we undertake.

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Our Clients