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How to create efficient EDM campaigns that drive conversion


EDM campaigns are a great way to boost traffic and drive conversions. And they’re also great for connecting with missing leads.

But what exactly are EDMs and how can you use them to improve your business?

In this blog, we will take you on a deep dive into the world of EDMs. What they are, why they matter, and how you can use them to create an effective email campaign that yields maximum conversions.

What is an EDM campaign?

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Let’s start with the basics. EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. In a nutshell, this is an email that you send directly to your audience containing personalised content/information/offers.

EDMs are one of the most lucrative marketing techniques available to digital marketers today, with a solid return on investment all but guaranteed.

A successful EDM campaign allows you to personalise and optimise your content, making it far more likely that your audience will engage with you.

Why you should use EDM campaigns

According to a recent survey by Campaign Monitor, there are 4 billion daily email users. That means that over half the planet is using email on a daily basis. This makes it a highly efficient way to get your content in front of an audience.

EDM gives you direct contact with potential and existing customers. Not only that, it allows you to market your goods and services in an effective and targeted manner.

EDM campaigns enhance customer engagement through direct marketing techniques and segmentation. And, unlike other forms of marketing, you’re not blanketing one form of content across a group, but rather have the opportunity to tailor your content to a specific audience. In fact, marketers who used segmented campaigns report a phenomenal 760% increase in revenue.

By delivering bespoke content directly to qualified leads, you can clearly see what works and what doesn’t. And once you’ve verified your sweet spot, you can create a dedicated EDM campaign safe in the knowledge that it will resonate highly with your target audience.

Creating an EDM campaign that yields conversions

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Creating a successful email campaign requires a few key steps. These include:

Building your email list

Growing your email list can be slow going at first. You need to gain peoples’ trust before they’re happy to give you their email address.

A great way to build this trust is with a valuable giveaway. This could be a discount, a whitepaper, a free sample, or any number of other options in exchange for their email address.

Defining your goals

Every email marketing campaign should have a goal. This is the end result you want from the campaign. This might be converting a lead into a paying customer, having them engage with your content in a meaningful way, or building customer loyalty. Whatever your goal, you need to have it locked down in order to develop a solid sales funnel.

Setting up a clear call to action

Your call to action is the driver of your campaign. Often, your email’s CTA will lead you through to a landing page with targeted content designed to funnel your audience through some sort of buyer’s cycle.

Wherever you’re linking, you have to ensure your email’s call to action is clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Segmenting your audience

Once you have a list of subscribers you have to segment them. This involves determining the different characteristics of each subscriber and tailoring content specifically for them.

For example, you wouldn’t send the same campaign to a new lead that you would an existing customer. They’re at different stages of the sales funnel and require different messaging accordingly.

How you segment your audience will depend on the goal of your email marketing campaign.

Deciding on your email marketing content

Your email marketing content will depend heavily on what your goals are. If, for instance, you’re looking to sell a specific product, your content should showcase that product and aim to convince your audience that they need it to solve a problem.

Your content will also vary according to your audience segmentation. It’s not unusual for one campaign to consist of two or more variations of content.

Building the email

When building your email you have to ensure it’s optimised for mobile viewing as well as desktop. The majority of people are now browsing on their phones so mobile optimisation is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

Creating an eye-catching subject line

The subject line is the first thing your audience will see so it has to grab their attention and entice them to click through to your email.

An effective subject line imparts information on the contents of your campaign while encouraging people to seek more information.

Sending a test email

Testing your email marketing campaign is essential to ensure it’s going to arrive correctly in your audiences’ inbox. Most email sending providers allow you to test with live data to give you a clear idea of what your final product will look like.

Measuring the email campaign

Measuring the results of your email marketing campaign is imperative. It ensures you know what worked and what didn’t, so you can learn from your successes and failures.

Pay attention to your click-through rates, your opens, and your unsubscription list. All together, they’ll paint a picture detailing the efficacy of your campaign.

Don’t forget to record and observe the EDM campaign performance

back shot of a men celebrating a success of email campaign on top of the mountain

Observing EDM campaigns’ performance enables you to pick the sweet spot for conversion.

Since this is a personalised marketing strategy, always remember to treat your subscribers sincerely.

By observing and keeping a record with the above rules in mind, you will ensure that your subscribers will also become invaluable assets and an advocate for your brand.

Are you looking for a perfect edm campaign? Get in touch with us today.

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