Design Trends: 2021 and Beyond


Design trends 2021 come and go — but given the rate our technology and aesthetic styles have transmuted, design trends have also been changing more rapidly than ever before.

2020 made clear that digital marketing is vital for businesses to grow their online presence. If your brand needs a refresh or is just about to make the transition online, now’s the right time to look at where design trends 2021 are heading, so you can stay ahead of the pack.


This trend from the ’80s has staged a comeback. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have recently been inspired by the subgenre of science fiction — Cyberpunk.


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It’s been dubbed a cultural movement that combines futuristic utopian elements with fashion, tech, and design — resulting in a combination coined “high tech and low life”. You only need to look to classics like Ridley Scotts 1982 movie Blade Runner or the more recent Steven Spielberg offering Ready Player One to see the inspiration behind this design style.

Offering a creative outlet for brands that position themselves as slightly more rebellious, or going against the grain, Cyberpunk will remain in the design sphere for many years to come.


Monochrome is a trend that doesn’t date because sometimes, the simpler really is the better. This design trend is most often seen in the digital world, especially across photography, web design, and video. It focuses on the use of a single colour and its varying tones so that the content and messaging are being prioritised as the key focus.


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Big brands like Nike and adidas use this trend very effectively to bring the focus back onto their products rather than the design itself. It’s a design style that works for most types of brands and is easy to roll out across all types of communications.

3D Design

It’s hard to miss 3D graphics — they’re used across so many platforms and across all types of industries. Pay close attention and you’ll notice 3D on your mobile devices while scrolling through the news, while you play games on the train to work or when your watching the latest episode of your favourite show. With technology becoming increasingly more sophisticated, our devices can process 3D graphics with speed and ease.


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With 3D rendering, the design possibilities are basically endless — you can show your brand through a moving animated story or demonstrate the prototype of your new macro wireless headphone. 3D design is sticking around for a little while, so don’t be afraid to jump in and give it a try.

Illustration & Animation

Since the stone ages, drawings were used to depict important events. And today, we know the impact great illustrations can have on your branding. That’s why they’re an effective and popular design element to grab attention and differentiate your brand. The variety and diversity of illustration styles of today are enormous, ranging from street art graffiti to minimalist flat design.


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Illustration is a design trend that won’t go out of style — it adds so much value to your branding through such small, yet thoughtful ways.

Are you interested in any of these design trends 2021 and how they could help bring to life your brand? Get in touch with us at Pounce — our team of in house Art Directors, Graphic Designers, and Illustrators would be more than happy to help.

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