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How AI is Changing Digital Marketing


According to Salesforce, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer relationship management and digital marketing is expected to increase global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by 2021.

It’s slowly taking over the marketing world – well, not that slowly.

So is it time you started adopting AI technology to boost your marketing efforts? You probably already are.

AI is ubiquitous in modern marketing

 If you use Facebook Ads Manager or Google Ads, you’re using AI. These platforms are built with machine learning capabilities that consider millions of consumer data points to help you better target and optimise your campaigns.

They even have the capability to make intelligent recommendations based on the data collected automatically after a campaign. They can recommend the best placement for your ads, or even suggest using a certain piece of creative collateral to help you optimise your click-through.

The next stage of AI marketing: autonomous action

Things get really interesting when AI starts taking action by itself – kind of like Skynet (but with less apocalypse and more audience targeting).

Again, this is already happening every day within platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager. You can allow the AI within these systems to take direct and autonomous control of your campaigns after setting specific parameters.

The systems can automatically select the best bids for your ads, test locations and ad formats, then select the best-performing combination to optimise the performance of your campaign.

How AI can improve your marketing

  • Greater personalisation. Emails, chatbots, you name it, AI can personalise it. A human could too, but it’d cost you more time and money.
  • Improving ROI by predicting customer behaviour. AI can analyse huge amounts of behavioural data, spot the patterns, and make predictions accordingly.
  • Fewer data errors. Machines don’t get tired and miscalculate because they’re daydreaming about their 3pm coffee and snack.
  • Upgrade your automations. Automation has been around for a while. But AI can take it to a whole other level, giving you intelligent suggestions on what content to produce, and where and when to share it.

Implications for human marketers

It’s the question that everybody is asking across every industry. From supermarket checkouts to digital marketing. Will AI put us all out of a job? Probably not. It’s more likely AI will take start to take care of more tasks that involve analysing data, leaving us humans to focus on creative and strategy.

The future of AI and digital marketing

The future of AI marketing is when this autonomous action happens across multiple platforms.

We’re talking about a system that can control and optimise your ad spend, choice of copy, testing, targeting, and ongoing ad management over Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other platform you’re using.

With this technology, all you’d need to do is provide the AI with creative collateral to use and a specific goal to achieve, then sit back and watch it work.

Forward-thinking businesses across Australia are already testing this kind of automation and machine learning.

Initial reports show massive improvements in campaign efficiency and lead generation. It’s not widespread yet, but once they’re proven and tested, AI systems like these will be just as ubiquitous within marketing as Google Ads and Facebook Ad Manager are today.

To start using AI to generate new leads and bring customers to you, get in touch with the team at Pounce Marketing today.

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