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How to write really good content for LinkedIn


Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is tailored towards businesses and the people who inhabit the corporate space and this demands a different tone, compared to other platforms.

When it comes to writing for LinkedIn, it is generally more professional in its appearance and message, with posts consisting of content that either promotes a business or individuals offering, or highlights the work that they have accomplished. With this in mind, here are some things to consider when writing content intended for LinkedIn.

Language and formatting for LinkedIn content

Add a touch of personality

Even though LinkedIn is primarily used for B2B communications, it doesn’t mean that your tone has to be overly corporate. Authenticity and personal touch are equally as important on LinkedIn as any other marketing efforts and will often make your content stand out compared to the monotony that is the majority of B2B content marketing.

As a business, try to avoid using first-person pronouns

While it’s important your content highlights your brand personality, it’s important to remember you are still representing your brand as an entity on LinkedIn. Avoid using pronouns such as I, me or we to talk about your business and what it offers, unless the content of the post dictates a more personal approach is required

Try for shorter, punchier copy

Unlike personal posts — often found on Facebook — which may tell a story over long-form copy to sell a product or attract people’s attention, try sticking to short sentences that are evenly spaced and formatted using bullet points and numbers to get straight to the point.

Always include a CTA

When using LinkedIn as a means to promote content available elsewhere, end the post with a call to action (CTA) to prompt users to engage with your offering. Generally, posts on LinkedIn that have a link attached will receive higher engagement than posts which require users to navigate somewhere else on their own.

Have you tried video content yet? 

They may take more time, but videos are objectively more engaging of a medium compared to text or images because they require less effort from the user. Consider creating a hype reel of your business that includes testimonials, office shots and scenes that really highlight your brand personality. Not only will this help highlight the best parts of your business but it also gives prospective clients insight into how your business operates.

How we write for LinkedIn at Pounce

Pounce Linkedin post

Let’s look at a recent post to illustrate some of the tips we’ve gone through:

  • The copy is short, sharp and to the point.
  • It shows off the Pounce brand personality.
  • The CTA here doesn’t call for a click-through but post engagemen.t
  • Incorporates a video element alongside punchy copy.

Interested in content strategy and how it could help your business? Download our free guide to content marketing here.

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