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Inquisiq Digital Marketing Campaign

Client Overview

Acendre is a talent management solution provider that helps organisations recruit, onboard, measure, engage and develop their employees to enhance performance in the workplace via its integrated SaaS products.

A pioneer in the online recruitment space in Australia, Acendre has evolved from an omni-approach to multi-faceted offering covering industries with complex recruitment needs including government, university, NFP, and utilities.

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Acendre engaged Pounce to support the ANZ team as their digital marketing agency. The mission was to relaunch the Inquisiq LMS brand in the ANZ market, raise awareness, and generate new leads through localised digital marketing campaigns.

Our Approach

The digital marketing strategy focused on the core pillars of awareness, consideration and conversion, for the Inquisiq LMS.Pounce created a go to market strategy for ANZ, conducted buyer persona research and fleshed out the buyer personas to inform a 12 month integrated marketing plan.

Once complete Pounce was engaged to execute all outbound marketing initiatives outlined in the plan. This included content creation in the form of assets such as an eBook, ad images, web banners, and campaign copy. All tailored for the different stages of the buyer journey and localised to match the Australian market. Lightweight, conversion rate optimised landing pages were constructed for each stage of the buyer journey. Each one built to consistently match the branding of the wider website. Pounce then automated the campaign flow so the target audience would only see ads based on their buyer journey. The Ascendre CRM was integrated with each of the campaign landing pages so that all technical integration required minimal human interaction and handling.

Sales teams were notified when potential leads were assigned and this in turn initiated the EDM nurture flow. An omnichannel approach was implemented leveraging lead generation via Google Search, display ads and social media. The project was completed with a detailed post campaign report providing recommendations, insights, scope for improvement, and suggested additional activity to support the objectives.

Pre & Post

The effectiveness of this campaign was easily quantifiable with conversion rates increasing from an average of 0.8% to 2.1% across all platforms.Inquisiq’s inbound MQLs increased significantly with a five fold jump in ANZ web traffic, and 73 received over the 3 month campaign period.


A highly effective campaign that identified which messaging resonated most with the target audience, and discovered untapped targeting criteria such as influencers critical to the decision making process. Generated 977 clicks at $0.79 per click via Display Ads and 7% ended up converting. Got performances far cheaper than market average Generated Leads at CPA of $80.79
LinkedIn sponsored inmail CTR
Converting Rate
Per click, far cheaper than market average
Generated Leads at $80.79


If all this talk about mismatched messaging and branding has you reconsidering your current brand, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the how, the when, the where, the who, and the why.