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Instagram Stories For Event Marketing


Social media marketing is tricky. The algorithms are constantly changing, and usually not in the favour of organic marketing material. When it comes to marketing an event, social media can be one of your most important event tools.

How do you get around all the algorithmic limitations? The answer might lie in the increasingly popular use of Instagram stories.

Here’s how you can utilise this effective event marketing tool.

What are Instagram stories

Unlike the regular posts you see on your Instagram feed, Instagram stories display the latest updates from your profile, in chronological order. You post an image or video to your story, and your followers are instantly notified to view it.

According to Instagram’s business toolkit, Instagram has 800 million average monthly users and 40 percent of them post Instagram stories every day!

What’s more interesting is that there are 25 million business profiles on Instagram and 80 percent of the user base on Instagram follow at least one business. That means the photo-sharing platform is a brilliant platform for businesses to engage consumers organically.

Instagram stories add a new depth of narrative that was previously not possible.

How do Instagram stories work

Instagram stories form a series of photos and videos of up to 10 seconds long that are usually outfitted with filters, stickers, text, music and more.

Stories also allow the use of features like; slow-mo, time-lapse, rewind, or a “Boomerang” (loop) of your videos.

Instagram stories can be found on the feed of a user, on your homepage or even in the discovery page based on location or from the use of hashtags.

How to market an event using Instagram stories

Utilise influencers to boost traffic to your event

Make sure you’re with your influencers or let them take over your account and share their point of view with your audience. Leveraging their user base in promoting your event will also boost attendees.

Give them exclusive behind the scenes access

Nothing screams privilege more than behind the scenes access. Using Instagram and Facebook stories to showcase the otherwise-unseen moments immerses your audience in your brand. Showing the unpolished, raw moments is the equivalent of your brand being raw and vulnerable, which will deepen the emotional connection with your audience.

Just make sure you build a storyboard beforehand to outline exactly what aspects of the event to cover.

You can also showcase highlights of the event to make those who could not attend feel part of the event too and make sure they don’t miss out your event next time.

Immediacy trumps perfection

Don’t rob your users of rich, candid content in pursuit of perfection. Give your audiences raw and candid moments, your audience will love you for it.

Polls to encourage interaction

Polls are a great way to further increase audience engagement at your event. You can run polls for topics of debates to decide once and for all what the majority believes, or you can use it as a means to keep the viewers guessing what is coming next.

Increase web traffic

If you have over 10,000 followers. Instagram will enable the ‘swipe up’ option in your story – which means you can add an active hyperlink. If you have the functionality enabled, it’s a great way to advertise a webinar or promotion and drive people directly to your website or landing page.

How do you plan to market your event?

Pounce has serious experience in designing, planning, marketing and managing events. If you have an idea and need a hand in creating (or upgrading) your event, get in touch today!

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