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Marketing Trends, Tips & Strategies for Powerful Positioning in Q3 2021


As a full-service agency Pounce retains clients from across the globe and leads the pack with cutting edge marketing, strategy, creative, tech and martech trends.

Read on for insights that will empower you to create a Killer Plan Of Attack for Q3 2021.


Top Marketing Trends & Tips for Q3 2021

clients huddling around our marketing trends and insights

Emerging from the (concrete) jungle that was 2020, businesses are now tasked with navigating a new era where amplifying brand messaging is critical to reaching new and existing customers in a noisy and overcrowded ecosystem.

The key to cracking this code has always been marketing – but where ad hoc activities may have sufficed before global lockdowns began to take a financial toll and shift the small business landscape, it’s now imperative to have a comprehensive action plan in place.

Brand Accountability

Customers expect so much more from businesses today in terms of ethics, inclusivity and equality. In 2022 they’ll continue to hone their skills in seeking out only those brands invested enough in the bigger picture to publicly state their positions.

Video Content

No surprises here. Video content grows from strength to strength each year, from the rise of TikTok and UGC (User Generated Content) to the increase in popularity of live streaming feeds (Twitch and Instagram & Facebook Live).

Consider this: would you be satisfied watching photos on TV?

If video is not yet part of your marketing strategy as we close out 2021, it absolutely should be.

Data-Driven Marketing

With the number of data touchpoints steadily growing as customer journeys become more complex, analytics will play a big part in helping businesses analyse and map their buying behaviour.

Hybrid Events

With global lockdowns halting the spread of Covid 19, came the demise of traditional public corporate events. But from the ashes rose the online event industry. Beginning with Zoom meetings, and coming full circle with virtual conferences and concerts; another trend that we predict will continue to grow in 2022.


eCommerce has become essential for businesses in the wake of the pandemic. The result of a steady rise in the popularity of online shopping has seen Facebook and Instagram move to providing in-app shopping across social media.

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Top Strategy Tips & Trends for Q3 2021

check mate your competitors with marketing strategy

Creating a strategy is a crucial step for any business where more money and more customers is the ultimate goal and a detailed strategy is a roadmap.

More than that your marketing strategy needs to be a solid foundation for the growth you have planned and, given the events of 2020, also needs to embrace the power of the #pivot and the ability to change course.

Outline Your Vision

What are the aspirations for your business?
What does success look like?

Clarify Your Point of Difference

What’s your USP?
What unique value do you offer your customers?

Define Your Audience

Take the time to outline your target market
Too many businesses try to be ‘everything to everyone and end up being nothing to everyone instead

Aim For Growth

Growth is strength
It means the ability to invest in better tech, better marketing initiatives, and better people

Believe in Data

As a decision-making tool it vastly reduces costly mistakes:
Invest in it. Believe in it.

Plan Long Term

The current climate may not allow for detailed 5-year plans, but no plan at all is cripplingly shortsighted

…And Be Flexible

Our advice: outlay a 6-12 month plan flexible enough to withstand whatever unforeseen circumstances arise to disrupt even the best-laid plans

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Top Creative Design Trends in Q3 2021

designer researching the top marketing tips for Q3 2021

3D Illustration & Typography

In stark contrast to the hyper-minimalist design we’ve become accustomed to in recent years, the 3D trend is about to take off.

As sophisticated tech tools evolve to become more affordable, 3D creations and retro-futuristic gaming experiences like Minecraft and innovations like AI and augmented reality have become more accessible in the palms of our hands, cementing 3D illustration in its rightful place at the top of this list.

The best part about this trend is that it can be applied to almost any font, artfully placing typography as one of the top creative design trends of 2021

Abstract Geometric Design

The abstract geometric design makes for great title pages with semi-surreal geometric elements vying for viewers’ attention.

Minimalist or centre stage, they’re perfect for businesses brave enough to opt for bold, iconic logos. And made for aesthetically driven digital spaces like the visual feast that is Instagram.


Their power transcends language, making them universally recognisable.

In 2022 designers will be leveraging this power in the design of logos and iconography to represent soon to be trending key brand characteristics of resilience, growth, strength, and empowerment.

Cartoon Illustration & Comic Art

With heavy graphic elements, a clean digital aesthetic, and a touch of minimalism, cartoon illustration is an imaginative and playful way to stand out from traditionally generic brand imagery.

It’s also powerfully emotive and ideal for memorable brand storytelling. The heavy inking, grainy colours, and action lines of the comic design are superpower features when it comes to branding. Breathing new life into modern minimalist trends, while appealing to a growing societal love of all things comic related.


Surrealism and the optical illusions it goes hand in hand with are a trend you can expect to see more of this year.

It could be blowback from inevitable ad exhaustion or a post-2020 nod to nostalgia but these hypnotic undertones and mesmerising imagery are about to be modern-day clickbait.

Like writing, design can be subjective, and will greatly depend on your business, industry, and the image you want to portray to customers and clients. 
The design team at Pounce have an almost-sixth sense when it comes to creating a design that imbues and reflects your brand, business, or organisation.

Contact us today to design a stellar finish to 2021.

Top Tech Trends for Q3 2021woman use virtual reality device to predict the future technology

It certainly had its challenges but from a tech perspective, 2020 was a year of fast innovation and adaptation. In the words of maverick Pounce Tech expert Eliot “2020 was more about opportunity than a challenge for IT.”

 As we pursue new normality here are the tech trends that will carry us through the second half of 2021 and beyond:


Augmented reality technology has seen unprecedented growth in 2020 due to high profile campaigns by Big Dogs like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

With the number of active devices predicted to grow to 1.73 billion by 2024 this trend is one to watch. Keep an eye for opportunities in events, retail, remote connections, the automotive industry, portable/mobile AR and its growing potential with advancements in AI.

To see Pounce’s position on sophisticated AR integration, join us for a  killer coffee at B2B Marketing Leaders – Sydney Event


Artificial Intelligence is built on the innovations of Alan Turing, aka the Father of Artificial Intelligence. From the humble beginnings of Computing Machinery and Intelligence to the status quo where they can now converse intelligently with humans, the future of AI integration is limitless.

Automated AI the trend for automating processes using AI technology – is also transforming business and contributing to economic growth.

Top priorities in the pursuit of reducing costs and maximising time. And a game-changer in the Human Resource, Shipping, Administration, and Warehousing industries.

Webinars Are The Way Forward

2020 saw a global shutdown of the entire events industry.

From concerts to bars, and corporate conferences. From product releases to corporate updates, and even online conferences.

While webinars have been around for years, businesses have now adopted them as a new way in which to engage their customers – which will continue in 2021.

There are many benefits of harnessing webinars for your business such as zero venue cost, and ease of global accessibility.

It’s All Up In The Cloud

Another offshoot of the pandemic was the adoption of cloud-based systems. While many businesses were slowly implementing cloud-based solutions within their organisation, the shift to WFH saw many quickly adopt the technology.

After many months of trial-and-error, and in-depth evaluations, businesses are now shifting to a hybrid solution of on-premises and cloud systems.

Advanced tech capabilities are a fundamental requirement for any global or local business today.

Pounce’s understanding and experience of the technology industry can help you reach the customers in need of your services.

Contact us today to talk deep tech on your terms.

Top Hybrid Marketing Trends for Q3 2021

Developers searching for the top marketing data in the world of MarTech in Q3 2021

We’ve prefaced almost every trend with this but it’s cliché because it’s true: after a tumultuous 2020 marketers will be expected to deliver on revenue and customer acquisition this year and MarTech is going to be key. 

With a focus on agility and practical tech solutions that can influence strategy, it’s set to make a significant impact on the quality of both insights and engagement.

  • No-code tech
    With the rise of digital transformation and digital maturity, we predict a rise in no-code or low-code MarTech solutions. Simply put their top tier solutions can easily be used by marketers with minimal tech capabilities.
  • Future-proofing
    Even the majority of businesses already employing martech solutions are sitting on short-sighted or outdated martech roadmaps. This means many will need to examine their current martech stack and strategically audit and re-evaluate it for optimum performance.
  • Business Growth
    More businesses are moving to digital, with many for the very first time, MarTech will be a vital tool for measuring ROI. Notably integral to elevating marketers such as Pounce to the position of trusted business partner over cost centre.
  • Personalisation
    With consumers flooding digital spaces and creating an influx of both traffic and data like never before, MarTech is empowering marketers to reap the benefits of tracking and monitoring consumer behaviour at a macro level.

In response, consumers now expect to be served with personalised content, further driving the rise of tech solutions such as creative automation tools for creating, monitoring and tracking digital content.

Contact us today to talk MarTech

We trust that we have given you some Powerful Food For Thought and inspiration as we enter the latter half of 2021.

We’re always happy to lend our skills, talents and expertise – contact us today to start defining and achieving your goals this year.

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