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BEarena provides high quality, innovative IT and professional services to companies looking to virtualise their IT environments. Established in 2007, BEarena also specialises in backup and disaster recovery for virtualised environments and have been a Veeam Gold Pro Partner for several years.

As part of the partnership with Veeam, BEarena has been awarded Marketing Development Funds (MDF) to actively promote and grow this stream of their business. Previous campaigns included events and the development of joint case studies, however, the activity lacked an integrated marketing approach.

While BEarena was already doing a lot of their own marketing, they needed support unifying their digital marketing activities and securing new leads. How could Pounce help to integrate BEarena’s marketing mix and help drive net new leads for their Flex DR product?

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Pounce initiated their engagement with BEarena by undertaking a full audit of the technical and marketing environment the brand was operating in. This provided an overview of gaps that needed to be bridged before the campaign could commence.

As a result of the audit, Pounce recommended an SEM campaign to spearhead their inbound marketing strategy and promote the Flex DR product. The team built a PPC compliant landing page that included copywriting, design, build and deployment of the landing page into the clients live environment. Pounce also designed and launched the PPC ads to promote the product that ran across Google and Bing. The Pounce team continued to iterate on the performance of the live ads, optimising them daily to drive maximum ROI for the business.

Through the AdWords campaign, BEarena saw an increase in brand awareness, ROI conversation rate of 2.9x the investment and increased awareness of the optimisation that the brand required to make to its sales processes.

“If you’re looking for an agency that truly wants to build a long-term relationship with you, and can help you set up effective SEM activities, Pounce is the way to go,” said Margot Pijls, Marketing Manager, BEarena.