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G.S. Gill Sports is one of the oldest sporting goods stores in Malaysia. A second-generation family-run business, G.S. Gill Sports branding has remained the same since the brand’s inception in 1946. Traditionally a brick and mortar storefront, the brand relied heavily on in-store promotions to drive sales. In recent years, the brand has faced increased competition from digital-based retailers.

G.S. Gill Sports not only needed to modernise their brand to appeal to the younger customer base, but also bring their brand presence online and on social. How could Pounce maintain the G.S. Gill legacy while modernising the whole brand?

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The existing G.S. Gill Sports branding was outdated and needed refreshing — Pounce needed to establish a marketable brand that spoke to the younger Malaysian sporting community. Pounce first established a marketing strategy to set the direction for the new brand. When it came to redesigning the brand identity, Pounce settled on a deep ocean blue as the primary brand colour and used a ship in the logo redesign in order to represent the founder’s journey from India to Malaysia, and the brand’s continuing journey into the future.

A G.S. Gill Sports tone of voice was also established to align with the refreshed brand identity. Taking a year of a collaborative effort, Pounce brought the G.S. Gill Sports brand online, by designing a custom and responsive eCommerce-enabled website from the ground up. This required the Pounce team to engineer a user journey, a sitemap and wireframes to give the brand an online identity, and the dev team to bring their archaic back-end systems into the modern age to facilitate online sales through the Shopify platform. Pounce also implemented a social media strategy, taking the lead on graphic design, copy and management of the social platforms.