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NSW Workers Compensation Self Insurers Association is a non-profit body who are licensed to manage their own risk for worker’s compensation. The NSW Self Insurers website was extremely out of date and fraught with technical issues. The organisation required a new website to educate and engage with existing members as well as attract new members.

Pounce found their CMS was deprecated and not under support from their digital provider, which meant NSW Self Insurers were unable to perform the basic functions of updating their website content. They also did not have any brand guidelines to adhere to during the redesign.

How could Pounce bring the website up-to-code and provide NSW Self Insurers with the brand tools they needed to successfully engage with their customers?

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Pounce needed to build a new website that was considerably easier to browse and navigate, always up-to-date, and easier for clients to add, edit, and remove content.

Starting with a technical site audit and extensive UX and UI research, Pounce established a new set of brand guidelines and proceeded to build the new website with custom membership, events and eCommerce modules on a secure but open source content management system. This allowed the organisation to interact with the website, the content and the membership base efficiently.

To further ensure NSW Self Insurers were completely set up and confident, Pounce also set up and configured NSW Self Insurers email system, designed and built responsive eDM templates, and provided full training and support for use of the new system. Following the launch of the new website, NSW Self Insurers saw immediate ROI, with an increase in new memberships for their site.