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While Redback Connect had a fully realised existing brand, the team felt that it didn’t truly reflect who they were as a company. Along with concerns about Redback’s overall brand, the team there also expressed worries about the state of their digital. They were grappling with three individual websites with three individual looks; they needed a single, clear and effective online presence to consistently communicate with their audience.

What we did

Logo Design Brand Guidelines
Branded Stationery Office Fit Out Designs
Original Art Art Direction
Graphic Design UX Research
Wireframes Website Development


Pounce recommended a complete refresh to bring their brand back into line with their perceptions and values. To synthesise Redback’s digital presence, Pounce recommended a collaborative effort to bring the three websites together into a single, comprehensive site.


In collaboration with stakeholders at Redback, Pounce Marketing delivered an end-to-end brand reconceptualisation: from logos to colour palettes to stationery and even wall art for the office. Nearly every element of the brand’s look and feel was readjusted to better reflect Redback’s position as a company.

Pounce worked alongside the executive team to determine the precise vision that Redback wanted to present. Following up with UX research, we consolidated the core elements of each of the three websites into a single, responsive digital presence.

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