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Tribetech is a specialised IT firm that delivers effective, easy to use tech solutions. Founded in 2018, the company’s unique structure allows them to develop deep relationships as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and deliver outstanding work.

Despite the Tribetech founders having over 50 years of experience between them in the IT, creating a strong digital presence was new territory for the group.

Tribetech needed a responsive website to enter the industry with a strong digital presence, that conveyed a strong sense of trustworthiness and skill. How could Pounce create a website that effectively communicated the Tribetech identity and differentiate them from their competitors?

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To build trust and reputability for Tribetech, Pounce needed to establish a marketable brand. Tribetech wanted its visual branding and logo to communicate safety and security. To that end, Pounce designed a colour palette using primary colours to communicate strength and stability, that didn’t blend into the sea of ‘security blue’ so commonly seen on tech companies.

Pounce also developed a brand tone of voice, to ensure all communication was cohesive. The new tone of voice was fresh and designed to make the brand stand apart from other managed service businesses in the space.  Tribetech also needed a website that educated prospects about their service offering. Pounce designed a custom and responsive website from the ground up, with particular care taken to ensure the website can scale easily as this new startup grows.

“Working with Pounce has been great,” said Scott Atkinson, Tribetech CEO. “We’re not strong on marketing, and that’s where they’ve successfully bridged the gap for us ”.