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Redback Connect Brand Refresh

Client Overview

Redback Connect helps Australian and New Zealand organisations connect through innovative tele, web and video conferencing services, and digital events. Over time, Redback had expanded their service offerings from conferencing solutions to collaboration solutions and digital events. Their business had evolved and their previous name and branding did not reflect their current offerings.

This meant Redback needed new, consistent branding to reflect connectivity and differentiate between their core product pillars of Collaboration and Digital Events. Without defined brand guidelines, everyone that joined the organisation used their own version of the branding, resulting in a severe lack of consistency that diluted the strength of Redback’s reputation.

Branding Services
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Brand Strategy


Redback approached Pounce to commence a complete brand refresh which would bring the brand back into alignment with their vision, goals and values. Redback wanted to retain the vividly Australian Redback spider visual from their previous logo but use it in a more modern way that also represented connectivity. They also wanted people to look at the logo and immediately recognise that it belonged to a tech company.

The Pounce design team explored different options: abstract concepts based on the recognisable red splash on the spider, and designs playing with the letters R and B.The final logo ended up being a representation of a Redback spider in a stylistic nod to digital design and technology.

Our Approach

Pounce delivered an end to end brand reconceptualisation. We helped organise the internal brand launch before celebrating the launch of the wider brand rollout. For this, every team member received a pack which included new business cards and t-shirts. We also decorated the entire office with balloons and the team enjoyed a morning tea event to walk them through the new brand and company direction.

Nearly every element of the brand’s look and feel was readjusted to better reflect Redback’s position as a company. The final result was strong, inclusive branding that reflected the new company and business direction and also included their previous spider motif.

Pre & Post

The outcome was a clearly defined brand that reflected the Redback’s culture and core values. One that will carry them from where they are now, to where they are planning to take the business and their service offering in the coming years.


Website Traffic
Direct Website Traffic
Social Followers
Bounce Rate
(Down from 72%)
6-8 min
Dwell Time
(Increased from 3 min)


"Working with Pounce has been absolutely brilliant.They’ve actually been able to take our go-to market strategy and crystalise it into the exact brand image we need. It’s the first time Redback has been able to take a new brand to market and Pounce have been absolutely pivotal in making sure that we’re successful. 

Pounce are absolutely their experts in their field and I would certainly recommend them to anyone that needs better engagement with customers and a better way to market."
Mona Lolas
CMO, Redback Connect


If all this talk about mismatched messaging and branding has you reconsidering your current brand, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the how, the when, the where, the who, and the why.