The Top 21
MArketing Buzzwords of 2021

Marketing speak can be difficult to decipher. Download our ebook to decode 2021’s most used buzzwords and find out how you can use them to grow your business now.


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    Buzzword guide

    The marketing industry moves fast. Every year, we’ve come up with a few dozen new buzzwords and technical terms – it’s enough to make any business owners head spin.

    Think of our e-book as a simplified guide to those new marketing buzzwords that you’ll hear in boardrooms and meetings this year. Just a quick scan of these pages and you’ll be up to speed.

    But this is more than a dictionary. Every buzzword in here also represents an opportunity – a chance to grow your business and acquire new customers with switched-on marketing.

    Seize those

    Need a hand seizing those opportunities? The Pounce team live and breath digital marketing and have decades of experience turning buzzwords into dollar signs for businesses just like yours. Don’t be shy – get in touch today.