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    Get Your Brain Back In Shape

    Are you struggling to lift your spirits during lockdown?
    Are you losing your mojo and will to win?
    Do you feel your brain has got a bit unfit?
    Are you having problems getting over the hurdles of working from home?

    Are you worried you can’t mentally make it to the finish line?

    If any of the above are true, then you should watch Pounce’s Bootcamp For The Brain webinar in partnership with grey matter guru Dr. Kim Granland.

    A doctor of clinical psychology with a Masters of Science (counselling psychology), Kim is an internationally renowned psychologist who uses her ACT method principles to help clients become “limitless in a world of boundaries. “

    And now, she’s here to help you snap your lockdown lethargy and get your brain back into business.

    Hacks To Health

    During the session, Dr, Kim Granland shares:

    • Mindset hacking strategies to help you look at challenges and opportunities in a healthier way.
    • Techniques to help you improve your physical space and make it more conducive to work.
    • Tools to enhance motivation and maximise productivity.

    Kim Possible

    Before qualifying as a psychologist, Kim was a trader In New York and Tokyo, handling domestic and international portfolios worth over $30 million.

    Therefore, she has firsthand experience of the daily mental, physical and emotional grind associated with the high-risk trading floor.

    But although Kim enjoyed her time as a broker, she always had an underlying passion for understanding and helping people. And in 2004 she decided to pursue this passion and become a psychologist.

    Since then, she has never looked back, enjoying astounding success as a peak performance psychologist in London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

    Due in no small part to her firsthand experience as a trader, Kim has become the secret weapon for high-performing individuals, business leaders and CEOs all struggling to find their A-game.

    So, if you want to optimise your optimism, motivate your mojo and zoom into your zone of genius, then watch our on demand webinar.

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