The Fundamentals of Marketing Checklist

Make sure you’re going into the new decade strong.


New Year

While it’s actually only halfway through the financial year, there’s something about fresh calendars that make us feel energised, hopeful, and determined. Forget ‘new year new me’, think ‘new year new business’.

This is the year you finally take charge and get proactive about growing your business. Your systems will run smoothly, your sales will steadily rise, and your bottom line reach that number you’ve been striving for.

But first, you need to run an internal marketing audit and find your weak spots.

That’s why we put together this marketing plan checklist for you.
It’s broken up into 7 sections focusing on different essential marketing components.Each section comes with a list of questions to ask yourself that will guide you through your marketing and find any weak points. The sections include:







Social Media

Let us help you!

Whether you’ve been relying on word of mouth and referrals so far, or you’ve made some attempt at marketing (but you’re not really sure if you’ve got it right), you know you need a little guidance.

Best of all, it’s totally free