Iconic Duo of Sales and Marketing


Sales and marketing – name a more iconic duo.

Getting your sales and marketing teams to work together can feel like trying to mix oil and water. But when they do, they become a formidable force for hitting your sales targets.

Studies have shown benefits like shorter sales cycles, lower sales costs, reduced market entry costs, improved productivity and better-aligned campaigns.

In reality, sales and marketing teams are often out of step with each other. Marketing is frustrated because sales don’t follow up on leads, sales is frustrated that marketing don’t give them proper (or enough) leads.

It can be exasperating seeing these constant clashes, because at the end of the day, the two teams are working towards the same goal.

How do you get sales and marketing to work together?

Set mutual goals and objectives from the get go

It’s important for marketing to identify what the goals are for each campaign and what the expected results are.

If it’s a lead generation campaign, you’ll need to clarify the type of lead that will be generated: is it a basic lead, a profiled lead, or a BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeline) qualified lead?

Have well defined buyer personas

Marketers need to understand pain points and objections to accurately target clients. Salespeople need the same information to close the sale.

Knowing exactly who you’re targeting means both teams are speaking to the same people. Plus, it’ll make it easier to align on things like decision priorities and pricing.

Communication, communication, communication

If you don’t have sales on board before you plan a marketing campaign, you’re doomed from the start. While you’re running the campaign itself, touch base regularly with sales to make sure they understand how the campaign is progressing.

If it’s not working well, take the opportunity to adjust as necessary. Regularly scheduled meetings with pre-organised topics and data are a good idea. In fact, why not try mixing up the desks and seating the sales and marketing people together?

After the campaign is completed, you should debrief the teams together and go over the results and see what worked and what didn’t work. This will help shape or form the next campaign you run in your business.

Standardise your processes

Establish easy to follow, standard handover processes. Have processes for how to hand over leads to sales, and how and when salespeople should report on the failure, success, or status of the lead. Don’t forget to outline what to include in the reports, and to whom they should report.

Reverse-engineer your SLAs

Start with your sales goals, then work backwards and work out how many qualified leads you need, and how many overall inbound contacts and visitors you’d need to hit those numbers. Do the math. Don’t let your business success rely on guesswork.

Update everyone on ROI

Marketing campaigns don’t always produce results instantaneously. Sometimes it could take a quarter, six months, a year or even longer to see ROI. This will depend on the sales cycle, but it is also important to note that it takes 6-7 touch points to convert a lead into an opportunity.

Given how long some sales cycles are, make sure you have a good CRM in place so you know exactly who responded to which campaign, and when, and how. This information is crucial for both your marketeers and salespeople.

Sales and marketing teams working together is the ultimate weapon for any business. We’d love to hear your thoughts and some of your strategies on how sales and marketing teams can get along! Contact us today

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