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In this increasingly egocentric society, we tend to place great store on the achievements of the individual.

The brave mountaineer, doggedly climbing up 8,849 metres, enduring frozen conditions, falling ice, crevasses, and the notorious death zone, before triumphantly summiting the peak of Everest and planting his flag.

 The gritty Formula 1 driver, withstanding intense challenges from other drivers, sweltering conditions, and numerous mechanical failures for 78 gruelling laps before finally getting the chequered flag.

The triumphant footballer whose lunging header in the 89th minute secured the win, and the cup, for his team.

And of course, the glamorous frontman/woman in the band, all sexy pouting lips, and charisma, demanding the love and adulation of the audience.

Now, admittedly, what these people do is impressive. And they get innumerable articles, interviews, videos, and YouTube clips celebrating their feats.

But this blog is not about them.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giant

No, this blog is about the other guys. The ones behind the scenes who provide the framework on which all these successes are built.

The Sherpa taking the pic of the triumphant mountaineer. The Sherpa who has clambered up the same lung-busting 8,849-metre peak but has done so whilst carrying the additional burden of an enormous rucksack of supplies and two bottles of oxygen. The same oxygen btw which the triumphant mountaineer has been breathing for the last 2000 metres.

The exhausted pit crew, way, way down the track, away from the flashing lights and screaming adulation of the finish line, who have changed tires, adjusted aerodynamics, checked and repaired parts, and got the driver back on the course and racing in a matter of seconds.

The 10 other footballers who toiled tirelessly together as a team to get the ball into a position where the striker could pull off his glorious header.

And, of course, the band, steady but unspectacular, concentrating on laying down rock-solid rhythms and melodies for the lead singer to weave his magic upon.

Success Has Many Fathers (And Mothers)

The point is a simple one. Success is rarely a solo effort. Few people get to achieve their goals without the help of a hardworking and dedicated team at their backs. A team who spends their time, (usually behind the scenes and out of the limelight,) doing all the million and one things needed to make sure that everything goes perfectly.

If these people don’t do their jobs, then there is no summit, no chequered flag, no goal, and no kickass show.

But sadly, and all too often, these people get overlooked. Glossed over in victory speeches or forgotten about entirely.

But not by us here at Pounce. Not now, not ever.

Pounce. Celebrating The People Behind The Wins

Pounce marketing team showing team effort

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it is that there is no success without our team.

If our strategist hasn’t come up with a clear and insightful strategy then the audience won’t be moved by it.

If our wordsmith hasn’t weaved his magic, then it won’t resonate with consumers.

If our queen of social hasn’t tapped into the prevailing zeitgeist then there will be no likes.

If our SEO specialist hasn’t done her job then there will be no new leads or conversions.

 If our developers haven’t weaved their backend magic, then the whole thing will fall flatter than a Shrove Tuesday pancake.

And if our designers haven’t made the work look good then there will be on sale.

It’s as simple as that.

If any of these things happen, then it doesn’t matter a damn who our star performer is. They can sing like a canary and the work still won’t get sold.

So, by all means, let’s hear it for the successful ones. They are incredibly talented and have worked their asses off to get to where they are today.

But let’s not forget the ones who made those successes possible. The Tenzing Norgays behind the Edmund Hillarys. The Charlie Watts behind the Mick Jaggers.

Because, without their hard work, passion and commitment there are no winners.

A big thanks to all our team at Pounce who work so hard and so long to make Pounce the agency it is today. We literally could not do it without you.

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