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Trends to watch out for in 2022


Nobody knows what 2022 has in store for us. New strains of covid, more restrictions, and of course biblical amounts of rain. To be honest, it makes us depressed just thinking about it.

So rather than dwell on the dark side of 2022, we thought we’d get our team of Pounce experts to shine a light on the marketing trends that could be shaping the way we do business in 2022.

Ready to dive into the future?

Here’s what the POUNCE experts say

2022 Marketing trends by Trish

Solve customer problems

To be successful in 2022, businesses need to ensure they have a crystal-clear understanding of the needs of their customers, combined with an excellent purchase and delivery experience.

So, how do they achieve this?


By developing customer personas and mapping customer experience journeys.

Deep diving into customers’ needs enables businesses to

  • Clearly define each type of customer and their unique needs
  • tailor products or service solutions to them in a hyper-personalised way
  • cut down sales cycle times and wastage
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction and advocacy.

For high value customers, this can take the form of market segment landing pages for information and enquiries, personalised communication and enabling shorter purchase decisions.

Prove yourself

In our personal lives, we regularly check out reviews for restaurants, music, movies and the like.

But reviews also form a vital part of B2B sales, where success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction across a wide range of indicators, including value, integrity, reliability, authenticity, punctuality and on cost delivery,

In addition, case studies, testimonials and demonstrations of quality through awards and analyst articles provide confidence for purchasers and assure potential customers they are investing wisely.

Get talked about

Your 2022 strategy should also most definitely include employee influencers. After all, nothing is more influential in marketing than good old ‘word of mouth.

So, harness the power of employee influencers through their networks and social media and use them to educate, explain and advocate to customers.

Be content with your content in 2022 by Jeremy

With consumers becoming more discerning, whilst simultaneously having shorter attention spans and less time, being a content writer is no longer just a matter of telling your brand story.

Consumers expect, nay demand, more. And if we don’t give it to them, they will go to someone who will.

That being said, there are still a number of things you can do to ensure your reader is engaged and receptive.

Here, then, are our top 5 tips for making your content sizzle in 2022.

Personalisation and hyper personalisation

This used to be as simple as putting the name of your consumer at the top of the content piece. But now it involves tapping into individual preferences and needs, using data, analytics and A.I to create a piece of content that is uniquely tailored to the target audience.

Increase in interactive content

Would you prefer to have a brand monologuing to you or to have a two-way conversation in which your views are actively sought?

The second one, right? Of course. Everyone likes to feel like they are contributing.

To this end, polls, quizzes, interactive infographics, immersive landing pages and engageable content will definitely be hot in 2022. So, get engaged.

Emphasis on relevant long-form content

As a writer, I am pleased to note that long-form content is due to make a comeback. About bloody time, says I.

At a personal level, I am also overjoyed to note that the days of clickbait seem to be drawing to a close. Now, the search algorithms are favouring well-researched long-form content, as opposed to fluff pieces with arresting headlines.

For content creators, this means you’d better get your long copy heads on. Don’t waste your time bombarding social media with crap. Everyone is over it.

Instead, take the time to research your target audience’s likes and needs. And then write a well-considered, well-researched piece that will stimulate and entertain, whilst creating a connection that will increase brand loyalty and ultimately boost sales.

Empathetic marketing

Take a close look at your target audience and ask yourself the following questions.

Who are your customers?
What pain points and challenges are they facing?
What motivates them to take action?

By putting yourself in their shoes, you are creating empathy and understanding. And then, when you come to sell to them, you do so in the guise of friend and trusted advisor, as opposed to merely aloof and avaricious marketer.

Kick-ass content

People love a good story. It’s in our DNA, dating back to the early pre-writing days when we huddled round a fire and listened, entranced, to the tales of the storyteller.

So, make sure you have a good story to tell. Bear your target audience in mind and cater to their tastes. Give them something that is so compelling, they can’t tear themselves away.

The design of 2022 by Luis

Recently, digital design has seen a huge upsurge in the numbers of CMS systems and templates. And this, for better or for worse, has brought design to the masses and created a new and different approach to design.

As a classically trained digital designer, I am a little unnerved by these wholesale changes in design. Just as traditional camera makers were presumably unnerved by the advent of mobile phones with cameras on them.

But you can’t halt progress. So in the spirit of inclusivity, here are a few trends I see rolling out in the year ahead.

1. The rise of the one-page website

The old adage ‘less is more’ will certainly be in vogue throughout 2022.

With a great many businesses relying on social media hubs and hosted content, a lot of websites will have a portal page or a more condensed, easily scrollable view to navigate their content. And I’m hoping that this will allow for greater freedom in creative design.

2. Abstract illustration

Covid has seen a great number of businesses and marketers reduce their production budgets and turn their back on traditional mediums such as film and photography.

In their place, illustration has become the new, cost-effective route of reaching consumers.
Unfortunately, this has led to the market being super-saturated with illustration.

It is my hope that in 2022, marketers will start casting around for more creative and defined illustration as a way of standing out. I think we will start to see a more stylised and abstract illustrative style start to make an appearance.

3. Interactive data visualisation

For a while, it seemed everyone was doing infographics. Then, as is the way with trends, they became overused and lost their sparkle.

However, with the Pandemic overshadowing our lives, we have all been bombarded with huge amounts of data in different forms. And I feel that, in these circumstances, the humble infographic will almost inevitably be making a comeback, albeit with enhanced interaction capabilities.

Breaking the myth of SEO by Zen

Cheap SEO, guaranteed ranking or refund, rank #1 in one month…

We’ve all seen ads like the ones above. Some of us may even have clicked on them, believing that they are our ticket to taking our brand to the top of Google.

But the problem is, there is no miracle, get visibility quick way of doing SEO.

In fact, the only 100% reliable way of boosting your brand is through good old organic traffic. Just as it has been since the very beginning of SEO.

You might not like to read this, but any other method of boosting your ranking is, quite simply, a waste of your time and money.

You see, although Search Engine Optimisation nowadays is a dynamic adaptation, with little in common with the SEO of 5 years ago, the same core principles and processes remain the same.

It’s still all about serving the most relevant results to the right people.

One thing that has changed, though, is how we do it.

So, with this in mind, I thought I’d show you what SEO could potentially look like in 2022.

Well, basically, in my opinion, there are 2 scenarios. A good one and a, well, not so good one.

So, with the spirit of New Year’s optimism still lingering in the air, let’s start with the best case scenario:
As the gigantic upsurge in social media activities continue, I see SEO merging with Social to become one enormous entity.

Simultaneously, as the world shifts from office working to working remotely, the way people search across platforms is fundamentally and irrevocably affected.

Local SEO also changes dramatically as small businesses like restaurants, grocery shops etc desperately try and find new ways to survive.

Mobile SEO dominates in this brave new world. Google has already taken the first step towards this, by eliminating the pagination on mobile search.

This, then, is my best case scenario for 2022.

Now for the worst one.

Web 3.0 emerges – the next iteration of the internet.

This spells the end of any search engine.

Decentralisation and anonymity are 2 of the main characteristics of Web 3.0.

People are concerned about their privacy being violated. We see Zuck in court pretty much every other day.

Perhaps Skynet may even become self-aware.

Joking aside, it is totally possible that SEO may die in the future. Or, at the very least, have huge problems in reaching its full potential.
The next 12 – 24 months promise to bring a whole host of amazing new algorithms and technologies. What we do with them and how we roll them out, well, that’s up to us.

Keep watching the skies, people.

PPC Trends that are changing the game by Rakz

Yeah, yeah, we know, PPC is not new.

But, with the web being a massive and ever-changing playground, the way we use PPC can be very different.

So join me as I take you on a journey ahead of the curve and show you the latest, greatest PPC trends for 2022.

Automation is a necessary decision

As the global automation industry grows, so does the advertising automation process to benefit online business marketing goals. Using automation in all marketing activities will be a smart decision for 2022. It will help us implement a range of actions, such as stopping low-performing ads and prioritizing those that best perform, as well as identifying performance issues in our account.

First party data

Yes, third-party cookies drive online advertisements, but Google reports that they will only be available until 2023.

Marketers need to find alternatives to secure access to first-party data. In addition to website and contact visitor information, CRM tools can also be used to do this.
These include using Google Ads, surveys, SMS, chatbots, newsletter or mailing list subscriptions, and social media.

Voice Search for PPC Activities

Voice commerce sales will reach $40 billion by 2022. To better optimize for voice search, marketers will need to search for specific terms for their ads.

The key to capitalising on this trend with voice search usage is creating PPC ads that use conversational language and keywords like “open now.” Since it needs more natural language, long-tail and question-oriented keywords will be more important.

When it comes to platforms, focus on Google and Bing, as they are the default search engines for Apple products.,with%20Google%20and%20Bing%20ads.

Tech trends for 22 by Eliot

The last two years have been uniquely challenging for all of us. Covid has changed the way we live, interact and do business with one another.

And as we settle into this new world order, more and more people are realising the importance of the digital world as a way of keeping normal services, business and even daily life running smoothly.

Gone are the days of hand coding and building from scratch.
Now, with the rise of LCDP, (Low-code Development Platform) and NCDP, (No-code Development Platform) apps and systems are becoming more accessible and easier to use.

New platforms such as these provide clients with more options to meet their needs and significantly reduce costs.

In other trends, I see AI, for so long the domain of sci-fi movies, moving faster and further into our life, with the advent of AI chat, AI copy writer and AI coding.

Yes, admittedly these can’t handle creative jobs yet, but what they can do is allow you to focus your energies on high level design, while they do the hard graft and the grunt work. Let them have a few sleepless nights for a change!!!

Another trend I see emerging relates to Metaverse. This will bring AR, VR and holograms to the next level and will impact hugely on the future of community.

Don’t believe me? Then just take a squiz at what Zuckerberg has done to Apple, Microsoft and other IT industry leaders.

How to be more social in 2022 by Simi

Many brands make the mistake of prioritising their number of followers over engagement rate. You can have a thousand followers, but if your community doesn’t engage with your brand, then you have no community.

It’s no longer about how many people follow you. It’s about how many people love your brand.

So how do you get people to engage with your brand?

Here are a few basic key-pointers you can start with:

  1. Let’s start with the biggie. The most important change you can make in 2022, is to shift your focus from brand to audience. So from now, your priorities are audience first, brand second.

    This shift will enable you to really get to know your audience and understand their pain points and desires. Once you’ve done this, you can then set about creating a product/service that addresses these areas and really speaks to them.

  2. Go easy on the self promotion. Sure, social media is a great tool to promote your brand, but like everything, too much is a bad thing and can actually drive your audience away. Instead, try and produce content that really serves your audience and offers them something new – a new perspective, a thought- provoking idea or just a good, old-fashioned laugh.
  3. Interact with your niche group. Within your digital communities you will always find a hardcore group of fans who seem to engage more than the others. These are your most loyal followers and will be invaluable as evangelists for your brand. So make sure you cater to their needs. Whether that’s with a cooking recipe on Insta, streaming games on Twitch or a separate facebook group for each niche.

    Basically, the more you look after them, the more they will look after you.

  4. Tap into micro-influencers. According to a Social Trends 2022 Report by Hootsuite, 50 million around the world consider themselves as “creators” or ‘micro- influencers’.

    Creating partnership with these can go a long way towards building trust with your audience and engagement with your brand.

Social Trends 2022 Report

Top 8 Social Media Insights for 2022

Are Brands Investing in Social Media Communities in 2022?

Why Instagram Reels is unreel by Mez

If you want to gain massive reach for your brand, then you’d be well advised to check out Instagram Reels.

Instagram’s dedicated Reels algorithm pushes your content to a relevant audience, ensuring the right information gets to the right people.

This is incredible for businesses as it ensures your message not only hits the target sweet spot every time, but also boosts growth and engagement.

But for a video reel to be successful, there are a few watchouts you need to heed.

Here, then, are Insta’s hot tips for ensuring your video goes viral.

  1. Ensure your video gets watched all the way through
  2. Get likes
  3. Make sure your video is rated as “entertaining or funny’ in comments
  4. Tap on Audio ( shared audio library – Trending audio snippets) to enhance user experience

Ideally, your goal should be to engage audiences with your business, piggybacking off trends and using compelling content as your hook.

To do this, you should check out other “Reels’ to see what is trending.

Let’s say it’s audio, for example. If so, then think about using a song or some funny audio in your reel to make it ‘sticky’ and boost engagement.

Or maybe it’s humour. In which case, you should consider putting out some content that generates laughs and promotes shareability. .

Whatever is trending at the moment, it’s a good idea to try and incorporate elements of it into your reel. That way you will get people engaging with your vid and hopefully engaging with your product.

Make 2022 an eventful year by Angelina

In the past year, the cancellation of offline events due to Covid has created enormous problems for businesses and marketers.

Yes, online events quickly sprang up to fill the void, but they are limited by the fact that they can’t adapt to the ever-changing needs of consumers.

To this end, we believe new technologies will be critical in helping marketing campaigns establish face-to-face touchpoints in 2022.

Here are some key pointers for marketers to bear in mind.


Since the launch of the “metaverse” last year, the various immersive experiences provided by the 3D virtual space have given the public a new toy to play with.

Furthermore, the crossover between cryptocurrency and culture has made the development of the Metaverse a hot topic in 2022.

Here are some examples.

  • Coca-Cola is using its history of collectibles to launch digital artwork (NFT) for the first time.
  • Audi teamed up with artists to create NFT artwork “Fantasy Express”, inspired by the new A8L 60 TFSIe
  • Louis Vuitton releases a mobile game to commemorate founder’s 200th birthday, and embeds 30 NFTs in Friendship

The Metaverse promises to open up infinite possibilities for more engaging brand experiences and even potentially a full-brand digital world.

Giving back to society

In the post-pandemic era, consumers are increasingly gravitating towards organizations that have a social conscience and give back to society.

Bearing this in mind, it is a good idea to try and incorporate the concept of giving back into your marketing plan for 2022, as this altruism will not only help the planet, but will grow your business and help you maintain an excellent corporate image.

Content-Based Webinars

Face-to-face events have traditionally played an essential role in generating leads, but the pandemic has now shattered that advantage.

Webinars have, on the whole, provided a poor substitute with conversions nowhere near as robust as those enjoyed with face to face meetings.

So, if you must use webinars in 2022, then your best bet is to augment it with high-quality content.

So, there you have it folks. The Pounce prognosis for 2022, delivered by some of our finest specialists in their fields.
But remember, these are just our ‘best guesses.’ We can’t see into the future anymore than you can. And if 2022 is anything like its predecessor, then there are bound to be a few unexpected twists and turns in the story. So our advice? Make sure your business is on its toes and ready to adapt to whatever comes along.

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