Why is Creative Strategy Important in Marketing?


Many of us see up to 5,000 ads per day.

We constantly keep our smartphones in our hands, and our social media apps are typically what’s on the screen. As we scroll through photos of friends and family, we stumble upon an abundance of curated ads.

At this point, we are immune to many of the catchy product phrases. Our eyes land every once in a while on an ad that catches our attention, and we slowly start pulling out our credit card. It was the marketer’s creative strategy that caught our attention.

Businesses quickly fall behind if they don’t implement a creative strategy in their marketing plan.

And here is why…

Cut Through the Static

As we’ve pointed out, people see thousands of ads each day so it’s important your business stands out from the crowd. You do this by having developed creative strategies and top-notch design services.

Standing out is difficult considering all of the colours and images our eyes sort through each day. We’ve become numb to most of it.

Some creative teams have decided minimalist aesthetic is effective because our eyes are now more drawn to negative space. Other teams invest in videographers to use moving images to draw attention.

If an ad can catch your eye for even just a second on your social media feed, they’ve already started reeling you in.

Show Off Your Brand

When working with creative services, a business is improving how they showcase their brand. You can gather a lot about a business through the colours, fonts, and images they use.

Brands catering to professionals may use smaller ranges of colour, minimalist design elements, and straightforward product images. Businesses that want to communicate a sense of fun and energy may use bright colours, layered images, and bubbly fonts.

It’s important for a business to know its main audience when developing a creative strategy. If a majority of your customers are adults 65 years and older, you don’t want to make your brand appear childish.

As businesses showcase their brand, they build brand recognition. Creative, cohesive marketing materials become easy to spot for frequent shoppers.

Tap Into Emotion

We all remember ads that make us laugh, cry, or smile. We may even find ourselves laughing with a friend about a frequently aired commercial we both find hilarious. Creative strategies tap into these emotions.

When aiming for certain emotions, it’s important to know the product you’re selling and its intended use. How do people use your product? What do you want them to feel like when using it?

Communicate a sense of relief and peace if you’re selling a green cleaning product. Make people smile if you want them to buy their new favourite dress. Stir up the romance with images of your new perfume.

People may not remember what you do, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.

Boost Sales and Engagement

The overall goal of an ad is to persuade people to buy your product. This earns your business more money and boosts engagement. Putting money into creative marketing services is a big investment, but you’ll end up making more money in the end.

If you aren’t sold on jumping into creative strategies head first, test out the waters with a small campaign. Gather a team of designers to develop a few ads for social media. Encourage everyone to brainstorm fresh ideas.

The breath of fresh air from your campaign will captivate your audience. Keep an eye on the numbers. You’ll see an increase in ROI and happy customers.

Creative marketing strategies also save you money by establishing a greater sense of independence. Your business won’t have to rely as heavily on collaborations with influencers. Let your ads speak for themselves.

Breathe a Little Easier When Hiring a Full-Service Agency

Hiring a full-service agency to handle the creative marketing strategies takes a load off your plate.

You’ll save yourself plenty of time by not having to interview and build your own team of creatives. You also won’t have to constantly jump into meetings and brainstorming sessions to guarantee everyone’s working together.

Creative marketing agencies have all the skills and equipment needed to create the materials you’ve been searching for. Communicate to them your mission, overall goals, and vision.

They’ll bring your words to life through their creations, and you can sit back and relax.

Get Excited about the Future

The best part about getting the creative juices flowing is that there’s always more to come. Creativity breeds innovation.

Your creative process will inevitably come with trial and error, but it’s best to ride the waves instead of fighting them. Hold on to what works and edit what doesn’t.

Keep your eye on design trends as you work with a creative team. If you see customers reacting to design elements used by the competition, be inspired to go above and beyond what’s currently being done.

Never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take risks. Your creative agency will suggest things you’ve never thought about trying, but give them a shot.

You’ll also be surprised to find the creativity in your marketing will seep into other aspects of your business. Your team might develop more creative problem-solving strategies, or you’ll find yourself more willing to be bold with your products.

Trust the Process, Reap the Benefits: Investing in Creative Strategy

Investing in a creative strategy may be an uncomfortable step for many business owners, but the benefits that come along with it make the risk worth it. To get started, you’ll want to work with a full-service creative agency.

By developing creative strategies with an agency, you’ll see an immediate boost in business engagement and ROI. Creative ads capture attention, evoke emotion, and draw people in. Once you get the creative ball rolling, you’ll never want it to stop.

Are you searching for an agency with innovative strategies to take your marketing to the next level? Look no further. Check out the rest of our site for a full list of services, and contact us today.

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